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Students Become the Teachers

When asked, “What does it mean to teach for InsideOUT Writers?” our Writing Program teachers understand that it’s both a philosophical and practical question. They also know that the experience itself provides the real answers. And those answers – what it means to share a conversation, guide a writing exercise and facilitate a space to laugh and heal – are life changers for both the teachers and the students. more

Summer Night Lights – My Favorite Season

Summer is one of my favorite seasons and this summer has been one of the most gratifying. Through a partnership between InsideOUT Writers and Summer Night Lights, I was given the opportunity to teach creative writing to young people in South Central Los Angeles and Highland Park. This experience was one-of-a-kind and opened doors for me to grow as a young artist, teacher and motivational speaker. more

Employment after Incarceration

employment_contentFinding employment in this job market is tough enough, but imagine having to do it while contending with employer bias, limited education and work experience as well as a criminal record. These are the barriers that our alumni — formerly incarcerated youth and young adults — face every day. In the fight to stay out of jail, employment is a key factor. In fact, several studies have linked the high recidivism rate among formerly incarcerated persons with their lack of education and employment opportunities.