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Students Become the Teachers

When asked, “What does it mean to teach for InsideOUT Writers?” our Writing Program teachers understand that it’s both a philosophical and practical question. They also know that the experience itself provides the real answers. And those answers – what it means to share a conversation, guide a writing exercise and facilitate a space to laugh and heal – are life changers for both the teachers and the students. more

Unit Focus: The Boys of Unit J

The first time I walked into Unit J, I saw a few rows of boys with oversized sweatshirts draped over their shoulders sitting in front of a roll-away television. Some were squirming in their seats while others watched the screen attentively. Looking at my class roster, I saw a column of birth years that started after 2000. Their round faces reinforced the fact that the boys of Unit J are among the youngest juveniles incarcerated in Los Angeles County. They were about to be my first IOW students.

Anti-Recidivism Coalition Launches to Help Youth

After several years of volunteering and informal work with young people in the criminal justice system, the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) was officially launched as a non-profit community based organization earlier this year. ARC founder Scott Budnick, who is a former IOW board member and current teacher and member of the Advisory Board, is a successful Hollywood producer who has had a long time passion to help young people in the system. more