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Anti-Recidivism Coalition Launches to Help Youth

After several years of volunteering and informal work with young people in the criminal justice system, the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) was officially launched as a non-profit community based organization earlier this year. ARC founder Scott Budnick, who is a former IOW board member and current teacher and member of the Advisory Board, is a successful Hollywood producer who has had a long time passion to help young people in the system. more

Message From the Chair – Fall 2013

On August 12, 2013, Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, gave his annual address to the American Bar Association in San Francisco. Holder took the opportunity to declare that our prison system is broken and needs to be reformed. He cited the following statistics: “While the entire U.S. population has increased by about a third since 1980, the federal prison population has grown…by almost 800 percent… Even though this country comprises just 5 percent of the world’s population, we incarcerate almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.”

Employment after Incarceration

employment_contentFinding employment in this job market is tough enough, but imagine having to do it while contending with employer bias, limited education and work experience as well as a criminal record. These are the barriers that our alumni — formerly incarcerated youth and young adults — face every day. In the fight to stay out of jail, employment is a key factor. In fact, several studies have linked the high recidivism rate among formerly incarcerated persons with their lack of education and employment opportunities.