“Do You Hear the People Sing ®”

Alumni, staff and mentors with CTG’s Leslie Johnson

Alumni, staff and mentors with CTG’s Leslie Johnson

On June 22nd, seven Alumni, along with mentors and staff attended a 25th anniversary production of Les Misérables at the Ahmanson Theatre.  The Center Theatre Group invited IOW to participate as part of the Target Young Audiences Program.


Alumni prepared for their visit to the theatre, which was the first such experience for many of them, by participating in a prep class led by Writing Program teacher Dov Tiefenbach.  He guided Alumni through an exploration of the themes and story of Les Mis, ending class with a discussion of the music as he played songs from the show.  Dov also led a post-show class where Alumni discussed how they connected personally to various parts of the epic story.


IOW Alum Jessica Martinez offered, “There was a lot I could relate to.  The main character tried to run away from himself by changing his identity but then he actually found who he really was.  He was more than just a criminal; he grew to be a hero and a role model.”


Special thanks to the Center Theatre Group!