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Blessed By God

I am blessed for having my family.

I am blessed for having time to think over my decisions.

I am thankful for my mother’s/dad’s unconditional love.

I am not thankful for how I cannot be there for my family right now.

I am thankful for my brains and beauty.

I am not thankful that in my past I did not appreciate what I had.

I am appreciative that I am allowed to live today on this earth.

I am not thankful for people

who do not appreciate someone’s heart that they give to them.

I am thankful for my caring heart.

I am blessed to have a mind that cannot be controlled by meth.

I am blessed for my food and shelter and myself and my life.



Central Juvenile Hall



Holidays in the Halls


My family’s filled with cheer

But damn man, I’m still here.

The holidays are so painful.

But emotions I do not show them because

weakness is not major.

I’m disappointed in myself,

While chilling here in my cell.

I know for sure my family misses me.

When they release the minors they always skip me.

I’ll do anything to go home again.

To spend Thanksgiving with family and friends.

Next thing you know it’s going to be Christmas,

Unwrapping presents and making your wishes.

I miss all those days I could walk in the kitchen,

Make me a plate and put up the dishes.

The holidays are long & overflow with sorrow

But I pray to God that I’ll see tomorrow.



Central Juvenile Hall