Mentoring Program Launched

Lionel on the right and his mentor Mike

Lionel Tate (right) and his mentor Mike Flynn.


The Alumni Program launched its much-anticipated mentoring program on Thursday, March 10th at a fun-filled, emotional kickoff event.


In addition to the alumni and their mentors, the room was packed with special guests, including parents of the alumni, community partners, Probation staff, as well as IOW board members and volunteers.   Special thanks to the Salvation Army in Hollywood for hosting the festivities!


The mentoring program currently supports 11 alumni, who have been matched with volunteer adult mentors from the community.  The mentors exemplify the extraordinary racial and cultural diversity of Los Angeles and represent many sectors of the workforce including the arts, entertainment, education, healthcare and financial services.


Over the course of one year, alumni and their mentors will meet at least 4 hours a month, participating in a variety of activities that support the young person’s educational, professional and personal development. In addition to the one-on-one sessions with their mentors, alumni will also participate in group life-skills classes which are designed to enhance their work ethic, communication and leadership skills.


Alumni Program Director Liza Bray, who joined IOW in July 2010, has been instrumental in creating IOW’s model for mentoring to ensure that it addresses the unique needs and challenges of young people who have been incarcerated.   “Every young person who wants a mentor, deserves a mentor, and IOW is excited to support our alumni as they continue their journey toward success,” says Bray.


IOW will launch a second group of matches in the fall 2011.