Mentor Spotlight

Virgil Williams & The Dragonfly


Jimmy Valdez
The Dragonfly

I am an intern on the set of Criminal Minds.  I was fortunate enough to be given this opportunity because my mentor, Virgil Williams, is a writer on the show.  In addition to exposing me to the realities of writing for a TV show, Virgil goes out of his way to introduce me to the show’s actors and crew.

Most recently, I met actor Shemar Moore.  Following our conversation with Mr. Moore, Virgil and I were walking back to the writers’ room.  As I was about to say something, a dragonfly flew in like a mini-helicopter, invading our personal space, smoothly flying in and out, as though a participant in our conversation.  Virgil said the dragonfly’s appearance meant something and told me to pay attention.

Three days later, as I walking back into the writers’ room, I saw another dragonfly.  This one flew in and out of the frame of the flat screen TV that hung from the wall.  Except for Virgil, none of the other writers, who were watching a baseball game, noticed the dragonfly.  Having now seen two dragonflies in a matter of days, Virgil suggested I study the insect’s symbolism.

The next day, as I sat in my bedroom, I took notice of something that I had seen every day for years – an old glass lamp sitting on my desk.  For what felt like the first time, I saw the beautiful mix of colors in the stained glass.  As I focused on the colors, a light bulb went off in my head. The stained glass images were dragonflies!

Remembering what Virgil told me, I researched the dragonfly and discovered that it symbolizes change, growth and development.  After I told Virgil that dragonflies are symbols of change and growth, he told me that that he grows as he sees me grow.

I have definitely seen a change in myself and been exposed to many new opportunities, because of my relationship with my mentor.  Virgil encourages me to carry myself like a professional, because he believes that I am on my way to becoming one.  I realize more every day that people can change and improve their lives, if given the opportunity.  Much like the opportunity that Virgil has given me.