Voices from the Inside

I am running from misery.

I guess you can say that

I’ve been running from misery

Practically my whole life!


At times, when I’m stressed out

And full of misery,

I like hanging out in my front yard

In the night.

The feeling I get is amazing.


I live in an apartment

So there are many people

Just hanging around, smoking, drinking,

Eating and enjoying themselves.


Just being outside, feeling

The fresh breeze is comforting.

Trees swaying, stars so bright and

Beautiful, shining, looking over us.

Every now and then

you see a bright light

Just shine across the sky.

No clouds or fog so it’s easier to see

The clear sky and visible stars.


I guess you can say the night breeze

Makes me feel free.


Freedom is what I took for granted

And now miss so much.



Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall



What I learned in jail???

To be perfectly honest,

I learned how to live life.

What I learned in jail is that

Every individual has

Their own personality,

Has their own struggles that

You have to learn to overcome.


What I learned from jail is that

You don’t have to be a bad person

Or evil to come to jail.

There are girls here that are

Just how I used to be,

Misunderstood and angry,

Feeling like the world is out to get them.

They feel like they’re alone,

They feel like they don’t belong,

They feel like everything that

Happens in their life is their fault.


The most recent thing I learned is that

I have a story to tell, and

My story can help

These girls get through.

I learned from jail that I have

A higher purpose.



Central Juvenile Hall