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Why I Teach

Robert Fox2

Robert Fox

The most important aspect of the classes is to create a safe haven where our students can tell their story without being judged. Once that has been established, they will write freely and openly getting to the place of choice, “maybe my homies don’t have my back…” Once that unsolicited realization sinks in, we can assist with much more value when they ask us, “What can I do?”

Then students understand there are choices of better value which they can also write about.  This happens all the time in my class, yet I never lecture, never!  I just bring in material I feel the kids can identify with.

They come to understand that their world (and ours) is a series of choices, and hanging out with people who may get them in CJH might not be the best possible choice….The most successful teachers in the programs are the ones who always love what the kids give to them, not what they try to give the kids.

Born over a half a century ago during a different millennium in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley, Robert W. Fox has been around, and mostly in a good way. Robert became a writer at the suggestions of friends who liked his witty e-mail responses. Much to his own surprise, Robert found out he is actually a very good writer.

He received his MFA degree in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University, has been published in among others: The New York Times, LA Weekly, Diverse Voices Quarterly and the Wazee Journal. 

Robert has found his family with InsideOUT Writers and happiness teaching creative writing to incarcerated teenage girls at Central and Los Padrinos Juvenile Halls.